Monday, October 15, 2007

Eviction Day

No, not my eviction day. Really, truth be told, eviction day was probably last week sometime.

Today is the day that the guys who work at my complex empty out the apartments of the people who were evicted. Clothes, crappy assemble it yourself furniture, groceries all thrown down from the second and third floor apartments. The detritus of lives blown apart stacked around the dumpster outside the building.

Usually other residents sort through the crap looking for something they can use. The poor man's rummage sale.

It's funny. Nearly every day I see the guy from Comcast in the building -- connecting, disconnecting cable. The guy might as well have an office here.

I wonder how many of the people sleeping in their cars tonight made sure that they had cable the whole time they were here. How many drop $100 bucks a month on HBO and Showtime while they eat ramen every night.

This isn't the projects -- these apartments aren't nice enough to receive government subsidies -- but they are cheap.

I guess just not cheap enough.

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